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Answers to your questions...

Do the prices on the website include VAT?

As Status Office Furniture has professional office furniture and is mainly aimed at professionals and businesses, the prices on our website do not include VAT. Most of the time the parameters for creating an office furniture such as construction materials, dimensions and mechanisms differentiate the cost and consequently the price. According to the flexibility we need, the prices are adjusted according to the above parameters and the VAT is added immediately after. The invoice - dispatch note that we will issue to you is your business's expense. If you submit the invoice to the competent Tax Office, your VAT will be refunded and you will be taxed for the total cost of your order.

Do you make offers or discounts on your products?

We create more attractive prices on our products both during the discount period and at various times throughout the year. Also in our offers you will often find exhibition or stock items. The discount rate varies depending on the product and the quantity available. The best way to find out about our current discounts and offers is to visit us in our stores and/or on line. You will find the addresses, the opening hours of the stores as well as our other contact details on the Contact page.

Is transportation free?

Usually within Athens / Attica and for large orders it is free. However, it is clear from our offer when and if shipping costs will arise. For shipping to the region outside Athens, shipping can be done by surcharge, through an agency or by a transportation company of the customer's choice.

How long will I wait to receive my order?

The time required from placing the order until receipt depends on the product and the delivery point. Usually and indicatively our deliveries take place in up to 10 working days. When placing an order, the delivery date of the selected products is also agreed.

What guarantee do you give for your products?

All Status Office Furniture has a written three-year warranty and is backed by a life support facility.

What kind of office furniture?

What is “office furniture”? What is “office equipment”?

Office furniture can be defined as all furniture and accessories that we use for the furnishing and the organization of internal workplaces and especially office workspaces. The most basic office furniture is the desk itself (table or desk), the office seating (chair), the drawers (cabinets), shelves, bookshelves, cabinets, filing cabinets, interior office dividers, cabins, office lighting, reception furniture and office decorations.

What is “ergonomic office furniture”?

“Ergonomic office furniture” is the office furniture that aims to reduce the fatigue and discomfort of people who work with the purpose to protect them, keep them safe, and at the same time increase their productivity. In this respect ergonomics and productivity are directly linked. The employees’ health is a key factor in productivity. A defective machine can be repaired or replaced without difficulty, but it is not possible to do the same with people.

If a wrong seat damages the employee's spine, it will significantly affect his performance at work. For that reason, the better the ergonomics of an office equipment, the higher the productivity of the employees. Thus, any investment in ergonomic office furniture products essentially saves costs.

What is “conventional office furniture” (i.e. office furniture of conventional design or conventional use)?

By “conventional office furniture” we mean the usual office furniture, the ordinary, the simple and heavy furniture that we find in most spaces. Conventional steel office furniture (also known as “steel office furniture”) is the most common and is usually preferred for its durability and especially for hard use areas (e.g. factories).

The opposite of conventional office furniture is the uncommon office furniture without this meaning that it should be eccentric. Therefore, in our time interesting office furniture is the modern and contemporary office furniture, the fresh or new, the original, stylish and the impressive. This is what we also offer, and this consists of our daily effort.

When are your stores open? When can I buy from you?

You can buy office furniture from Status Office Furniture any working day. You will find our stores as well as the opening hours of our stores on the Contact page.

When should I buy office furniture? What is the best time?

Every season is suitable for new office furniture. Look at Status Office Furniture for a wide range of products and solutions that can meet the specifications and needs for furniture in business spaces.

When should one sell office furniture?

Give away your old office furniture and move on with the supply of new office furniture by Status Office Furniture. We can assess the condition of your existing office furniture and suggest which items you should replace. Do not forget that all office furniture of Status Office Furniture has a three-year warranty and a lifetime repair service. Invest in office furniture for a life and save money.

How to choose the right office furniture for your business?

What is office furniture?

Office furniture will be all the furniture and accessories necessary to meet the furniture needs of business premises, closed office spaces, reception areas (reception), executive and work offices (tables and chairs), auxiliary chairs, office decoration, interior office dividers, office lighting, drawers and cabinets, boardroom tables for meeting rooms and many more.

How much do office furniture cost?

The price of office furniture is determined by the nature and quality of the materials, the quality of construction, the origin, the point of sale (supplier) as well as the design by renowned designers and office furniture companies. Therefore, there is a large variation in the prices of office furniture, which can cover a wide range of specifications and needs of the client. Another important parameter of impact on the cost of the product is the quantity of furniture included in an order. By buying office furniture in total in a whole workplace furniture package we can achieve better costs based on economies of scale.

How many different office furniture are there?

If we were to start classifying office furniture into categories, we would have to define the classification criteria first. If we focus on style or design we can define as categories the classic, modern or contemporary office furniture. Moreover, other categories according to the characteristics of their functionality are ergonomic office furniture, multipurpose office furniture and “smart” office furniture.