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We create a harmonious work environment of high aesthetics and creativity

Status Office Furniture is a purely Greek Company with many years of presence in the field of furniture for professional spaces and offices. We provide products, complete solutions and proposals for the furniture and equipment of offices and professional spaces throughout Greece, having the exclusive delivery and distribution of office furniture products of European Houses, while at the same time we have our own production of office furniture.

Our Vision:

To create a harmonious environment of professional spaces with furniture products of high aesthetics in order to make life in the office enjoyable and creative!

Our Principles:

Trust, Responsibility, Consistency and Reliability

With the prestige and power of Trust that has been shown to us by over 15,000 customers, in Status Office Furniture Company we continue our ascending course even more dynamically, with Responsibility, Consistency and Reliability. Our primary goal is to further improve not only the satisfaction but also the gratification of our customers and through this to achieve our further expansion in the Greek market. The Customer is for Us the first priority while our products and services are not just office tools but constantly evolving work systems for professionals who aim to make office life enjoyable and creative!

Our Mission:

To provide professionals and companies with furniture and complete office furniture solutions so that each time we create a harmonious working environment of high aesthetics, giving it a special character of inspiration, pleasure and creation, always with respect to the company, its staff and the environment.

Our purpose and daily concern is to serve every modern business and professional by providing furniture and complete furniture solutions of professional specifications.

Our Values:

Gratification, Creation, Inspiration and Aesthetics

With an emphasis on our values ​​Gratification, Creation, Inspiration and Aesthetics, our approach to service always concerns the specialized and personalized adaptation to the furniture standards of our customers' professional spaces. Our stores and staff are always available to serve our customers directly and responsibly in any of their specifications, requests or needs, whether it concerns the supply of a specific piece of furniture or a structured design and furniture construction of an entire professional space.

Status Office Furniture products are distinguished for their quality, innovation, high aesthetics and functionality, while they are suitable for long-term professional use. They have a three-year warranty and certificates of quality control (ISO 9001) and ergonomics (CATAS) , according to European standards. The wide range of office furniture products of Status Office Furniture includes executive and work desks, executive and work office seats, auxiliary office chairs, collaboration chairs, boardroom tables, meeting tables, room dividers, reception furniture (reception), bookshelves, sofas, shelves and various office accessories.

After recording and analysis of the customer's furniture specifications the complete Status Office Furniture solutions concern the spatial study and tailor-made design for the creation of custom solutions according to the customer's specifications in materials, dimensions, colors and innovative constructions. The result is completed with the perfect fit and placement of the furniture according to the original design, providing character and functionality to the space.

All Status Office Furniture products and solutions are delivered within a short period of time after the completion of the ordering process and are always provided with full After Sales care coverage regarding the immediate customer support intervention with the possibility of repairing and adequate spare parts. The privately owned vehicle fleet and the members of specialized workshops are the tools that put us in the position to provide immediate and flexible customer service, always with reliability and consistency.

All top quality Status Office Furniture products and furniture solutions for professional office space are always offered at an excellent value for money.