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The value of professional space furnishing!

For us at Status Office Furniture, furnishing a professional space is much more than placing furniture in the space. What is more, office furniture is much more for us than professional tools!

At Status Office Furniture we believe that work space is part of every Company's capital. Professional space is an important element in the life of every professional and employee, since he often spend longer hours in it than at home. Also, in the work environment, the Companies often see people, old and new associates, customers, professionals and all those groups of people that are directly or indirectly related to the production of the company. As a result, the workspace affects significantly both the productivity of each business as well as its sales. For the above reasons, it is important that the professional space is well designed, attractive, comfortable, functional, ergonomic and above all attractive and quiet.

A well-structured, ergonomically functional and highly aesthetic work environment is one of the key factors to which we must pay attention, both to avoid the loss of resources and also to achieve maximum production with pleasure and creativity in the office. Our goal is to provide complete office and professional space furnishing products and services, approaching each case individually.

In direct collaboration with the customer, we find the ideal solutions to create the work environment that suits the objective and culture of the customer’s Company, but also the profile of his clients.

At Status Office Furniture we furnish and equip workplaces with highly aesthetic office furniture that ensures the parameters of an effective working environment for each case individually.

Organization, Order and Storage Achievement

At Status Office Furniture we provide a wide variety of furniture for your office, such as executive desks, work desks, bookshelves, shelves, reception furniture and office drawers (cabinets) with essential and smart storage space for all your materials and for any requirement or work. You will also find work chairs, office chairs, space separators, footrests, lighting fixtures and business space decoration items.

Status Office Furniture design team has several different ideas and approaches for professional offices and solutions. After studying your storage needs we help you organize the layout of your offices. For example, a careful selection of office accessories, cabinets and bookshelves must be made in order to achieve the organization of an office surface. It is important that all items and tools related to your work are properly placed, so that your space remains clean and tidy (Clean Desk Policy).

In this way, we carry out the selection of furniture and accessories for your office, along with the aesthetic study of the professional space. Our main goal is to achieve a final result that not only satisfies you and functionally serves you, but also increases the efficiency of your business.

Consequently, at this stage the selection of the appropriate professional office equipment from the wide range of office furniture products we have is crucial and important.

Decoration and Aesthetics Enhancement

At Status Office Furniture we believe that professional office decoration is part of a more general set of elements that form the image of your business. The logo, the corporate colors, the corporate culture, the services provided, the products, the purpose and philosophy, all must be harmoniously combined and compose a clear aesthetic character and a unique result. The immediate consequence is the fact that a beautiful work environment has a positive effect on productivity. You can choose modern or more classic office furniture, with wooden, metal or glass surfaces and impressive finishes from our rich collection. The final aesthetic result can always be complemented with decorative and indoor plants. We specialize in the decoration of modern and boutique or classic style design for business premises of corporate buildings and facilities as well as law, accounting, medical and home offices. We also decorate reception and hospitality areas (Reception).

Focus on Marketing and Promotion.

We believe that the workplace of a company should promote its products in the best possible way, attract its customers and project confidence and vigor. The environment of every business is a working and selling environment at the same time. The reception furniture, the reception, the waiting area seats, the sofas and all the spaces that your customers and guests have access to should be comfortable and pleasant, and contribute to the image of your business.

Ergonomics is essential.

Because the health and hygiene of people working in a workplace is always top priority, ergonomics becomes a crucial and significant factor for relaxing work and therefore efficiency. Ergonomics is achieved with the right choice of functional office furniture and especially with the ideal work seat. At Status Office Furniture we place special emphasis on the ergonomics and functionality of the equipment for your professional space. The right choice provides immediate benefits and rewards to the people who work in it as time passes more difficult in an uncomfortable chair than in the ideal seat.